Our Curriculum

The unique LAEL curriculum is developed around the core competencies outlined in the BC Early Learning Framework. Our curriculum areas include reading, math, science, sensory play, yoga, art, and early concepts! See below to read more about our Primary and Foundation program.

LAEL Curriculum

“LAEL Curriculum is a guiding tool for LAEL educators when they are planning and creating learning environments and experiences in the classroom.”

LAEL Methodology

Our unique curriculum begins with children’s naturally curiosity. Daily learning opportunities are presented in multi sensory ways to stimulate brain development allowing children to explore and construct meaning based on their own experiences.

This is called inquiry-based learning.

LAEL Educators then use the Critical Literacy Approach

By engaging children in deeper reflection through open ended
questions and activities children are encouraged to look at things
from different perspectives, provoking thoughts, ideas and actions
which further engage their creative thinking processes building

The Language Arts Early Learning Program provides each LAEL family with their own yearly curriculum map.

This way you can follow along and feel confident in knowing what your child is learning at school each day and extend the learning at home.

Learning Frameworks

Learning Extensions